When I Saw Him After Years

I had a stand at the flea market.

On the tables laid my DIY trinkets and unnecessary novelties.

I never got much business, but I enjoyed the ambiance and the fact that my sisters were along side me.

It was September 10, 2011 and it had just finished raining and hailing- my sisters were frantically drying off the rain drops from our home-made pieces.

I was spaced out looking into the sea of people carefully walking from stand to stand.

And at an angle I see a man with a child on his shoulders.

With deep set eyes he glanced at me,

smiled an unfamilar smile.

It was a hesitant smile – a distant smile.

Our eyes locked like a puzzle piece.

I formed my well-known bright smile, and I realized that through the distance I knew this man.

I knew who he was and how close we had been.

I began to grow faint…dizzy. A punch in my stomach, my heart began to recognize his foot steps.

I was light headed and soon going to drop- I could feel it.

We held our smiles for one another for an eternity although I knew it was only for a split of a second. I dropped my glance.

When I felt his presence pass me by, I looked up and I studied his back profile.

I wanted to run up to him and tell him that I loved him, that he was and will always be the love of my life. I wanted to cry in his arms and tell him I never stopped thinking about him.

But I was frozen in time, I was frozen by the fact that he seemed happily married with his beautiful wife and child.

I was standing there alone, wet by the rain and the tears in my eyes.

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