No Accident-Accident

It happened 40 minutes ago.

4:08 in the morning.

The street is dark and blinking is the red traffic light

blink blink blink

I look to my left for a second then to my right for a second and a half.

I started to turn left and then I hear it.

Tires screeching against the asphalt and the dim lights of a blacked-out Hummer.

I stop my car, thinking the Hummer has plenty of space to continue its way.

In slow motion it approaches my door.

In slow motion, I am in peace.

In slow motion and I wonder why this Hummer is was speeding.

In slow motion I wonder if it had been my fault.

In slow motion I am ready for the hit.

In slow motion I am ready to die.

The Hummer and I are both in pause.

I can almost hear our engines breathing heavily.

I come back into real time and realize there was no incident

There was no damage

Just my heart racing in my throat and I am sure in the Hummer’s driver as well.

I drive forward making my left turn and leaving the Hummer to its thoughts.

One thought on “No Accident-Accident

  1. This is well written…with a dramatic climax and relief… you grab my attention and held for the hold duration and even my own breath paused for a moment… You did a great job…you could fill the pages of a book with short stories or poetic prose… Have a wonderful weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

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