It was my turn to undress.

A wave of embarrassment washed over me and before I could calm myself, he took me, flipped me over on the bed as if I was a page in his favorite book.

So effortlessly he unzipped my heavy wedding dress.

My body was exposed and I felt as my thoughts were too.

I could not control my heart racing, I could not control the throbbing coming from between my legs.

It was so hazy like a dream; wishing it was real, I wanted to capture the moment and keep it. I wanted to bottle it up, and never let it out of my sight.

Then I felt his promise of love, I felt how he had been wanting me since the moment we met. I felt his vowels come alive.

In that moment I knew that everything he said up on that alter, he meant and was going to keep all of his promises.

In return, I gave him all of me.

All my heart, my happiness, all of my oxygen even my blood cells.

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