One Day

She is going to love so hard one day.

She’ll be rejected many times before that.

No boy will love her immediately.

When they see her heart, she’ll be far.

One day,

one man,

this man

will see farther than she can see herself.

He will take her as his own blood.

Then she’ll love hard.

I Wonder if She Thinks About Me

I wonder if she thinks about me when she is alone.

I wonder if she thinks about me when her children are being bullied at school.

I wonder if she thinks about me when she goes to the city that has my name.

I wonder if she thinks about me when she looks at him.

I wonder if she thinks about me when she’s having a bad day.

I wonder if she thinks about me and all those ugly things she did.

I wonder if she thinks about me when she is praying for forgiveness.

People Said

You know, people said you were all wrong for me.

That I was high class and you were ghetto.
That I was educated and you were nothing but a zero.

People assumed you were a thug with substance abuse,
They didn’t know all that you refused.

I heard them say you changed me, that I am different.

It’s true, your love made me equivalent.

I no longer lie, I no longer hide. I can defend myself, I can identify my wealth.

If only those people had what I have, they wouldn’t be hating; they wouldn’t be mad.


When I was little I hated when my abuelita made my chocolate milk.

She never left chocolate powder clumps.
My abuelita would mix the milk and the chocolate powder so well and so perfectly, I would cry.
I wanted chocolate powder clumps in my milk dammit!
We saw things differently.
But today I raise a glass of perfectly mixed chocolate milk to the sky.
Gracias por el chocomil Abuelita.

This Kiss

He had been asking me for a kiss.

I told him I’d probably be bad at it.

It had been 8 years since my last kiss.

He simply responded with, “it’s okay, I will teach you”. That made me chuckle.

He took my breath away; his lips were unbelievably soft. His lips felt like warm marshmallows. His mouth was sweet. It surprised me; I almost fainted.

My fingertips were tingling; I was dizzy and the whole room was turning. So delicately, I had to tell him to give me a minute which made him laugh.
My cheeks burned and I could feel all the blood in my body pumping through my heart.

I thought, “how is this possible?”

I loved this kiss.