Daniel Cheated

And that is how I found out my boyfriend of 6 years was cheating on me. Call it whatever you want, but I had this heavy uneasiness in the pit of my stomach. I had confronted him 2 nights before and he claimed I was imagining things. He said “why would I ruin our 6 year relationship babe? Don’t be silly”

But I think he couldn’t live with another day knowing that I knew. I just knew.

Since we didn’t live together (thank God) I changed my phone number, blocked him from my socials and I never spoke to him again.

It was the most painful thing I have ever done, because I just wanted to forgive him and stop the hurt of being alone.

But it was also the best decision I had ever made in my life.

Later I found out he got married with the woman he cheated on me with, but he is being unfaithful to her with his co worker.

Dear Derek,

Dear Derek,

I think about you from time to time. And with each time, along comes guilt. I feel guilty for breaking your heart. I don’t blame you for disappearing from my life.

Derek I wish I could tell you, how much I regret choosing him instead of you. But maybe it was for the best because of what I did to you; I got what I deserved; he broke my heart into glitter-sized pieces and it took me 2,920 days to heal.

Derek I hope you are happy.



The DMs | Part 2

@real_baller4277 So do you not feel like talking?

@inthiscastle Of course but wait does Daviana know you are messaging me?

@real_baller4277 Can we just leave her out of it please

@inthiscastle Ok yeah no problem

@real_baller4277 Sorry 😕 We aren’t doing anything wrong you know. Just old friends messaging that’s all no biggy.

@inthiscastle I know but why does it feel so wrong and also I don’t want to fall into the same thing as last time.

@real_baller4277 Listen we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do and anyway why do you let your mind get to that?

@inthiscastle Ok, well then can I ask about your kids? How are they?

@real_baller4277 You mean how is he. I still only have 1 kid. He is good I am the best dad in the world or at least I try to be with every ounce of myself. He is my blood, my child, my seed.

@inthiscastle I 100% know you’re a wonderful dad, I don’t doubt it one bit

@real_baller4277 So Where are you living these days? I heard you were by Mulberry Rd

@inthiscastle Um yeah but who told you? 🕵🏻‍♀️ I remember last time you were in Oregon

@real_baller4277 Yeah, but I am back home for like the last couple of months

So how do you like that side of town? I spend a lot of time there for work and not a fan honestly.

@inthiscastle I will message you tomorrow, my husband just go home.

@real_baller4277 you little daredevil you hasta mañana

The DMs | Part 1

@real_baller4277 I see you changed your profile pic how are you?

@inthiscastle Isn’t that what people do? Change their profiles? I’m good btw

@real_baller4277 I guess they do. Hows your brother

@inthiscastle good. Dont you have his number?

@real_baller4277 I do I do we haven’t spoken in a while. But is it wrong to contact his little sister for information?

@inthiscastle um no it is not wrong, but you can cut out the middle man

@real_baller4277 Well that’s no fun. How have you been? Before you answer I don’t mean to be disrespectful in anyway to you, your husband or your marriage. I am just curious as to how the life of Castle has continued. It’s been a while.

@inthiscastle Thank you same to you honestly. I get curious about you and if you truly are happy. I always want you to be good. I don’t know why I have to say this but I am good, going one a health journey. I am willing to answer any questions you have for me since we haven’t spoken in so long. It’s good to go down memory lane with someone you cared/care about you know?


@real_baller4277 Sorry I was at work, but man its so good to hear from you.

@inthiscastle Ok I’ll let you work

@real_baller4277 It’s not that you are bugging at all, just a lot of talking at my job and barely looking at my phone. 😔

These messages are great to see like little surprises 🤩

@inthiscastle 😊

I Finally Recognized Your Pattern

I finally recognized your pattern. You get bored with your relationship and decide to venture out into mine. Subtly you reach out to see how I am doing, like a curious old friend. Day by day you look for me until we get comfortable again…


You interrupt my life; my thoughts. You seem to push through my heart, push your way in between my legs.

The most infuriating thing is that I let you. I let you mess up my conscience and my marriage.

I saw it this last time, I finally woke up from the slumber you put me in. I finally recognized your pattern. Once you see that I am falling apart in all aspects, you don’t sext, you don’t call, you don’t even look at me when I see you at the grocery store playing house with your spouse.

I am left alone in my feelings, I am left alone with the broken pieces. I am left alone to ask for forgiveness in my marriage. I am left alone to wait for the next time.

Hi Family

I have been away. Out of the country.

I find it difficult to be on a phone or computer when there is so much to experience.

So for now dear reader, I leave you with this.

There is something out there.

Something so familiar.

You know HIM.

He is waiting for you.